Pottery family, after five generations we have got to preserve the essence of Bailén’s own crafts, our town and place of work.

The incorporation of new generations over the years has allowed the modernization of our infrastuctures, adapting to new trends and market demands without forgetting our only and characteristic style.

We produce in our workshop an extensive catalog of pieces, most of them handmade by our master potters in the most authentic and traditional way.


According to the tradition of our town, and because of the easy modeling and high resistance of the clay that surrounds us, we have always worked modeling the clay on the Wheel with our own hands until we get the desired shape.

Most of the ceramics that we manufacture is destined to the gardening sector (pots of different sizes, amphoras, jars, etc.) with finishes ranging from terracotta to glaze, providing different colors and textures to each model. In addition, we also produce turrets, lebrillos, plates and other pieces whose special enamel is certified for food use.

Beyond our extensive catalog, every week new pieces are made in the workshop, inspired by drawings, photographs of old models, modifications of existing ones, etc. This make a constant renewal in our crafts and allows us to improve our work by testing new methods, shapes and designs.


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